What Are The Characteristics Of Concrete?

Characteristics of Concrete
1) Convenient for use: the new mixtures have good plasticity that can be cast into components and structures in various shapes and sizes.

2) Cheap: raw materials are abundant and available. More than 80% of them are sand and stone whose resources are rich, energy consumption is low, according with the economic principle.

3) High-strength and durable: the strength of ordinary concrete is 20 - 55MPa with good durability.

4) Easy to be adjusted: the concrete with different functions can be made just by changing the varieties and quantities of composing materials to meet various demands of projects; steel bar can be added to concrete to improve its strength, and this kind of concrete is a composite material (reinforced concrete) which can improve its low tensile and bending strength in order to meet the needs of various structural engineering.

5 ) Environment-friendly: concrete can make full use of industrial wastes, such as slag, fly ash and others to reduce environmental pollution. Its major shortcomings are high dead weight, low tensile strength, brittle and easy to crack.

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Billy said...

I order to create a good quality infrastructure, it is essential to know these things about concrete. This is also true when doing some concrete repair. This will ensure the longevity of your construction.

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