American Concrete Institute (ACI)
PO Box 9094
Farmington Hills, MI 48333
Tel. # (248) 848-3700

Founded in 1905, the American Concrete I nstitute (ACI) has grown into a chartered society with over 20,000 members worldwide. The ACI is a technical and educational nonprofit society dedicated to improving the design, construction, manufacture, and maintenance of concrete structures.

Among ACI’s 20,000 members are structural designers, architects, civil engineers, educators, contractors, concrete craftsmen and technicians, representatives of materials suppliers, students, testing laboratories, and manufacturers from around the world. The 83 national and international chapters provide the membership with opportunities to netw ork with their peers and keep in tune with the activities of ACI International.

Membership is open to individuals who wo rk directly in, have an association with, or have an interest in concrete. All members are encouraged to participate in the activities of the ACI International, which include involvement on voluntary technical committees that develop ACI codes, standards, and reports. Various levels of membership exist to meet particular needs. Student memberships are available.

Concrete International. Published monthly. C overs institute, chapter, and industry news. Several technical articles following a specific theme appear in each issue.

ACI Materials Journal. Published bimonthly . Describes research in materials and concrete, related ACI
International standards, and committee reports.

ACI Structural Journal. Published bimonthly. Includes technical papers on structural design and analysis,
state-of-the-art reviews on reinforced and structural elements, and the use and handling of concrete.

Other publications: ACI International makes available over 300 technical publication on concrete.

Information is also av ailable in computer software and compact disc formats. A free 72-page publications catalog describing what ACI International has to offer is available.

Other Activities
ACI International provides technical information in the form of high-quality conventions, seminars, and symposia.

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