Regardless of the project, most construction teams have the same performance goals:

Cost — Complete the project within the cost budget, including the budgeted costs of all change orders.

Time — Complete the project by the scheduled completion date or within the allowance for work days.

Quality — Perform all work on the project, meeting or exceeding the project plans and specifications.

Safety— Complete the project with zero lost-time accidents.

Conflict— Resolve disputes at the lowest practical level and have zero disputes.

Project startup— Successfully start up the completed project (by the owner) with zero rework.

Basic Functions of Construction Engineering
The activities involved in the construction engineering for projects include the following basic functions:

Cost engineering —The cost estimating, cost accounting, and cost-control activities related to a
project, plus the development of cost databases.

Project planning and scheduling —The development of initial project plans and schedules, project monitoring and updating, and the development of as-built project schedules.

Equipment planning and management — The selection of needed equipment for projects, productivity planning to accomplish the project with the selected equipment in the required project schedule and estimate, and the management of the equipment fleet.

Design of temporary structures — The design of temporary structures required for the construction of the project, such as concrete formwork, scaffolding, shoring, and bracing.

Contract management — The management of the activities of the project to comply with contract provisions and document contract changes and to minimize contract disputes.

Human resource management — The selection, training, and supervision of the personnel needed to complete the project work within schedule.

Project safety — The establishment of safe working practices and conditions for the project, the communication of these safety requirements to all project personnel, the maintenance of safety records, and the enforcement of these requirements.

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