1. Acid-proof Material
Soluble glass can be used as binding material to prepare acid-proof plaster, acid-proof mortar, and acid-proof concrete which are commonly used in anti-acid projects.

2. Heat-resistant Material
Soluble glass has a good heat resistance that can bear a certain high temperature and its strength does not increase. Thus, it can be made into heat-resistant concrcte and mortar.

3. Coating
Soluble glass solution can be used to paint building materials or immerging porous materials. It can enhance the density and strength of materials and increase their resistance to weathering when infiltrating into the materials.

But the solution can not be used to paint or immerge gypsum products because soluble glass can react with gypsum to generate sodium sulfate crystals which will expand in pores and destroy the gypsum products.

4. Grouting Material
Soluble glass solution and calcium chloride solution are injected into soil alternately, and the two solutions will cause chemical reaction to precipitate silicate gel which can cement or fill the pores of soil and prevent the infiltration of water to increase the density and strength of soil.

5. Water-proof Plugging Material
Soluble glass solution mixed with sand or cement can make setting and hardening occur quickly, for repairing or plugging structures. Moreover, mixed with various alum solutions, soluble glass can be used as water-proof agent for cement mortar or concrete.

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