Precast slabs are available in hollow, cored, and solid varieties for use on floors, walls, and roofs. For short spans, various types of panel and channel slabs with reinforcing bars are available in both concrete and gypsum. Longer spans and heavy loads most commonly involve cored units with prestressed wire.

The solid panel and channel slabs are available in heavyweight and lightweight aggregates. The thicknesses and widths available vary considerably, but the maximum span is generally limited to about 10 feet.

Some slabs are available tongue-and-grooved and some with metal-edged tongue and- groove. These types of slabs use reinforcing bars or reinforcing mesh for added tension strengths.

These lightweight, easy-to-handle nail, drill, and saw pieces are easily installed on the job over the supporting members. A clip or other special fastener should be used in placing the slabs.

Cored units with prestressed wire are used on roof spans up to about 44 feet. Thicknesses available range from 4 to 16 inches with various widths available, 40 and 48 inches being the most common.

Each manufacturer must be contacted to determine the structural limitations of each product. The units generally have high fire resistance ratings and are available with an acoustical finish. Some types are available with exposed aggregate finishes for walls.

The type of material used and the manufacturer specified are the first items to be checked. The materials used to manufacture the plank, type and size of reinforcing, and required fire rating and finish must be checked. The estimator should also note who cuts the required holes in the planks and who caulks the joints, and the type of caulking.

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